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We specialize in straightening out the mess your previous computer guy left your company with.

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Few can dare claim to be crystal ball readers nor business Houdini's. You can't tell what's going to happen and you can't always escape it when it perhaps doesn't go like you planned or hoped for. So what do you do about it? That's the real question. For some of you, you're just beginning and perhaps grappling with how to best get from Point Here to Point There. And for others, perhaps doing "the same old, same old" just isn't enough anymore and you know you have to do something about it, but just aren't sure what.

Is it the right time to finally get some help? If you've browsed our website you will have seen what we can do for you. Only you know just how well your business is doing TODAY and where you want it to be for TOMORROW.. Are you totally satisfied? Or is it time to make some changes, and make some things better?

Austin Computer Specialists is a premier business strategy and technology solutions firm, delivering value to clients by developing and implementing innovative digital strategies that capitalize on the opportunities presented by new technologies. We are a professional services firm delivering customer-focused business solutions.

We deliver Information Technology Solutions; always have, always will. We understand advanced technologies, as well as the competitive marketplace and the need to execute IT initiatives quickly, effectively and economically. We manage all facets of engineering, designing, building, implementing, and integrating IT Solutions. We believe in building long-term partnerships with our customers in an effort to consistently meet and exceed their expectations.

Given the complexity and rapid changes in technology, there must be assurance that a solution is right for today without limiting future options. It takes Knowledge - in-depth, comprehensive business and technical expertise that is unparalleled in the industry and constantly updated with experience and training. It takes Partnership - a desire to build long-term relationships with clients so there is complete understanding of the business environment, a consistent approach to achieving solutions and trust that the job will be done. It takes Technology - best of breed advancements integrated to meet individual business goals, requirements and budget objectives.

Austin Computer Specialists brings together knowledge, partnership, and technology to deliver the full range of integrated computing. Our consultants design, implement and support web and network-based solutions ranging from simple information sites to elaborate Intranets accessible to worldwide users.

Austin Computer Specialist
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Austin, TX 78715-0264

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